SEED at Panasonic Center Tokyo

A permanent installation at the Green Lab in Panasonic Center Tokyo. The visual and the sound reflects the seasons and the sunlight level on the premises. Visuals of “Seed”, come out based on the data of the visitors’ number of the center. Seeds float and move depending on movements of the visitors.


I oversaw planning, technical direction and software development. The installation was made up of different components: a custom software in Cinder framework including GLSL shader program and OpenCV + Kinect sensing program; a MySQL Database; and an audio processing software mosaicking 10ch sounds in real-time using Max/MSP.


Created by WOW Inc.


Creative Director: Kosuke Oho

Director: Shigetaka Makabe

Visual Designers: Yoko Ishii, Hiroshi Ouchi

Interaction Designer: Takashi Aoki

Software Developer: Masahide Yoshida

Sound Designer: Masato Hatanaka


Permanent exhibition at Panasonic Center Tokyo

Open from 10:00 to 18:00

Closed on Mondays and during the year-end and new year holidays