Light Rain

An interactive motion graphics work on the theme of water. Raindrops fall with a variety of rhythms, contacting the audience’s shadows and splashing with calm tones. It was exhibited in ‘Interactivity’ section of Decode: Digital Design Sensations, the series of exhibition toured from the V&A Museum in London around the world.


I wrote a custom software in openFrameworks to generate real- time visuals which interacted with the peoples’ movements. The software implements the OSC protocol to communicate with the custom Max/MSP patch processing multi-track sounds in real- time.


Created by WOW Inc.


Creative Director: Mamoru Kano

Visual Designers: Kaoru Kudo, Yusuke Mizuno, Shinya Kikuchi, Miki Ogata, Sayaka Maruyama

Interaction Designer: Takashi Aoki

Software Developers: Takashi Aoki, Fumihito Anzai

Sound Designer: Tomohiro Nagasaki


Decode: Digital Design Sensations

The Victoria and Albert Museum, London, 2010

The Garage Center for Contemporary Culture, Moscow, 2010

CAFA Art Museum, Shanghai, 2010

Design Museum Holon, Holon, 2011