Automated graphic design application for iOS platform which generates a variety of typographic and graphic layouts. I wrote a graphic engine in Quartz/CoreGraphics based on the basic theories of graphic design such as grid systems, the golden ratio and etc.


I wrote a custom software in openFrameworks to generate real- time visuals which interacted with the peoples’ movements. The software implements the OSC protocol to communicate with the custom Max/MSP patch processing multi-track sounds in real- time.


Created by WOW Inc. | Project website | Download


Creative Director: Mamoru Kano

Interaction Designer: Takashi Aoki

Software Development of Graphic engine: Takashi Aoki

Software Developers: Tomohiro Nagasaki, Fumihito Anzai

Visual Designers: Sayaka Maruyama, Kaoru Kudo, Shinya Kikuchi, Yusuke Mizuno, Takuma Sasaki

Producer: Hiroshi Takahashi