Docomo Palette-UI Installation: Good Design Expo 2011

The Palette UI is an original user interface by docomo, which especially demonstrates functions with sorting, grouping and customizing. The installation enables visitors to touch and feel the features using the real Android device. Various objects are projected and flown from above to bottom on the wall. These objects are changed via the mobile device into moving graphics of the Pallet UI. Visitors can flick and move the objects on the screen of the device to slide the images of objects, which represents the feelings of sorting disordered things. We were commissioned to space and visual designs for the docomo booth at GOOD DESIGN EXPO 2011, which is hold annually in Tokyo Big Sight, Japan.


Created by WOW Inc. | Related project


Creative Director: Daihei Shibata

Visual Designers: Daihei Shibata, Shingo Abe, Daisuke Moriwaki

Interaction Designer: Takashi Aoki

Software Developers: Yasuo Kaneda, Masahide Yoshida

Sound Designer: Masato Hatanaka, WOW Inc.

Project Manager: Fumihito Anzai


Date: 26th - 28th August 2011

Time: 10:00 - 21:00

Venue: Tokyo Big Sight