An iOS application for the creation of visual music animations. Animate with shape and sound to create films that are both musical and visual. These compositions can be shared online and accessed on I was in charge of planning, interaction design and software development. The software was made up of three parts: visual and sound engine in openFrameworks; network and sharing engine in Objective-C; and a custom add-on to parse animation data exported from After Effects in pure C++.


Created by WOW Inc. | Project website | Download


Creative Director: Mamoru Kano

Art Director: Hiroshi Ouchi

Interaction Design & Programming: Takashi Aoki

Sound Designer: Tomohiro Nagasaki, Takashi Aoki

Animation Designers: Hiroshi Ouchi, Kazunori Kojima, Takuma Nakazi, Shigeru Makino, Shingo Abe, Daihei Shibata

Programmer: Yoshiki Miura FUTONE INC.

Server API & Generative Audio System: Masahide Yoshida

Front-end Engineer of the website: Keisuke Yamamoto

Adviser: Alexander Peverett

Producer: Hiroshi Takahashi