Songs for oblivion fishermen VII

An interactive audio-visual installation, exhibited by invitation at Tokyo Designers Week 2010. A tiny screen hovers in the dark centre of the space, an obsolete pocket television displaying a computer generated troical rainforest vista. The image is dwarfed by a wall of oversized “sound system” speakers that fill the far end of the interior. Upon entering, the visitor is greeted by the semi-realistic whistles and chirps of a generative synthetic rainforest. As they move towards the screen their proximity interferes with the algorithm to morph the relaxing audio landscape into a wall of harsh digital noise, losing the forest view to visual static. A literal realisation of the festivals “Environment” theme and a reflection on humanities role within the natural world.


"Songs for oblivion fishermen VII" was selected as one of the Dezeen x Design Association container competition winners.



Created by Takashi Aoki & Alexander Peverett

Computer Graphics for the pocket television: Takuma Sasaki


Dezeen x Design Association container design competition: Tokyo Desingers Week 2010


Dezeen x Design Association container competition winners