Tokyo Michiterasu 2012: Star Light Walk

A kinetic light installation produced for Tokyo Michiterasu, the end of 2012 illumination project at Tokyo Marunouchi area. 7 pillars with geometric patterned tessellation illuminated the renewed Tokyo station area calmly and peacefully


The installation took place at Gyoko-Dori street, which connects the Imperial Palace to the newly Restored Tokyo station. It consists of 7 large cylinder shaped pillars which circulates and illuminates from inside. The surface of each pillar has 2 layers of different geometric patterns which gives different pattern of light and shadow onto the ground. The light source inside also rotates up and down slowly emanating and producing random light and shadow in the area.


I was responsible for planning, prototyping and directing the project. Our team made 3DCG models to simulate the actual objects and its lighting patterns.


Created by WOW Inc. | Project website


Creative Director: Kosuke Oho

Art Director: Kaoru Kudo

Planning: Kaoru Kudo, Takashi Aoki

Producer: Jun Matsushima

Event Management: East Japan Marketing & Communications, Inc.

Event planning, produce: Entertainment Bowl Inc.

Space Lighting Design: Y2 LIGHTING DESIGN

Music: Kohske Kawase