Takashi is a designer specializing in CGI and human-computer interaction. His graphics represent fictional worlds with unique textures and animations that are brought by computational algorithms.

Work Experience


RANAGRAM / Rana Design Associates, Inc

Art Director / Designer
May. 2014 – Present

Work directly with clients to scope out their requirements and manage through to final delivery in RANAGRAM, the design and technology division of the company. Supervise the entire projects of the division and each project strategy. Revitalized the total creative direction of the division by shifting their main projects from web design to digital installation and data visualization. Clients: NHK, Nissan, Mitsui Fudosan, Shiseido, Kintetsu and etc.


Advisory / Director
Sep. 2012 – Apr. 2014

Propelled various projects such as interactive installations, online art works and application development with local studios in London, UK. Advised the company based in Tokyo on business development of potential markets and total creative direction. Directed pitches and projects improvement of various projects including application development, shop window design, concert visuals and digital signage.


Selected Projects

Data visualization real-time CG for NHK Special and NHK Documentary, Design direction, 2014 – Present
Data Navigator, Graph Generation Tool for NHK, Google Chrome application, Design direction, 2014 – Present
Promotional websites and apps for Shugo Tokumaru, Design direction, 2014 – 2016
Color Kinetics LED Facade, Interactive lighting installation, R&D with Color Kinetics Japan, 2015
www.ranagram.com, Direction, Editing, Design, 2014 – Present



The Minister of Education Prize, Science & Technology Film/Video Festival 2021



Google Japan

Creative Director via Aquent
Mar. 2020 – Sep. 2020

A director for Create with Google by the Partner Innovation Team in the Asia-Pacific region. The project was pending due to Covid-19.



WOW Inc.

Director / Visual Designer
Apr. 2021 – Present

Re-joined as a project-based staff. Working mainly on 3D and motion graphics projects.


Director / Software Developer
Sep. 2009 – Aug. 2012

Oversaw planning, direction and final design for commercial and original projects such as interactive installations, audio-visual performances and software developments. Worked with the interactive visual team, wowlab and WOWDEV (WOW Development Team). Clients: Canon, Panasonic, Issey Miyake, Nike, Sony, BMW and Docomo.


Selected Projects

Bloom Skin Installation, Computer controlled kinetic sculpture, Issey Miyake Inc.
Is Anyone There?, Audio-visual installation, Tokyo Graphic Passport, Centre Pompidou, Paris
Light Rain, Interactive installation, Decode: Digital Design Sensations, The V&A Museum, London
ATAK + WOW Audio-Visual Concert, Audio-reactive visual performance, Lexus Hybrid Art, Moscow
Tokyo Michiterasu “StarLight Walk”, Planning, Kinetic light art project, Marunouchi Gyoko-Dori, Tokyo
VISUAMUSIO, iOS Application
addLib, iOS Application



DNP Digitalcom Co., Ltd.

Motion Designer / Software Developer
Mar. 2008 – Jul. 2009

Designed and developed commercial websites, Kiosk software and mobile applications for a wide variety of clients in the art direction group. Created various interactive installations for Louvre-DNP Museum Lab exhibitions, in collaboration with the Musée du Louvre.


Selected projects

Sixth Louvre: Portraits of Women in Egypt, 1800 Years Ago, Louvre – DNP Museum Lab, Tokyo
Fifth Louvre: Van Hoogstraten “The Slippers: Experimenting with one’s gaze”, Louvre – DNP Museum Lab, Tokyo
Fourth Louvre: The city of Susa and its ceramics in the first centuries of Islam, Louvre – DNP Museum Lab, Tokyo



Personal projects

Digital Media

Space Shower Station ID 2021, Direction and Motion graphics, Space Shower Networks Inc.
www.ichigosugawara.com, Design and code, Online work archive, The official website of Ichigo Sugawara
Bloomberg Connects interactive activities, Stairwell display wall, Tate Modern, London, The Workers & Jason Brudges Studio
CONCEPT 1, 2 & 3, Design and code, Series of artwork applications for iOS platform created in collaboration with Alexander Peverett
Artificial Sweeteners, Design and code, Promotional website for “Artificial Sweeteners” the album from Fujiya & Miyagi
Where Are We Captain?, Design and code, Generative audio-visual piece created in collaboration with Alexander Peverett
Infinite Trench Run, Design and code, Generative audio-visual piece created in collaboration with Alexander Peverett
Shugo Tokumaru – Tracking Elevator, Promotional music video for Shugo Tokumaru
Shugo Tokumaru – PORT ENTROPY, Promotional website for “PORT ENTROPY” the 4th LP from Shugo Tokumaru
Shugo Tokumaru – RUM HEE, Promotional website for “Rum Hee” EP from Shugo Tokumaru
matsushimajun.com, Design & Code, Online work archive, The official website of Jun Matsushima

Installations / Exhibitions

Alternative 4, Artwork application, DVD Dead Drop Exhibition, Art direction and design, Museum of the Moving Image, New York City
ICASEA + APT Audio-Visual Performance, Art direction and design, Visual composition, TodaysArt, Brussels
Songs for oblivion fishermen VII, Interactive installation, TOKYO DESIGNERS WEEK, Tokyo
What goes on, Generative typography on paper, KML ART SHOW “BETTER DAYS”, No.12 Gallery, Tokyo

Publications / Prints

WOW New Year Card, 2020, Greeting cards, &Form, Japan
VAGABOOK #002, Cover artwork, VAGABOOK, HongKong
Drawing numbers from 1 through 5, Limited edition hand-made book, Tokyo Front Line Exhibition, Japan
SCALD ROUGISH – BYTREQW, Typography and Design, Artwork for Compact Disc, ICASEA, UK & Japan
SCALD ROUGISH – AUEN ANSICI / BARDACHD, Graphic Design, Double cassettes box, ICASEA, UK & Japan


Sónar+D App Bar, Product demonstration of VISUAMUSIO, Sónar, Fira Montjuic, Barcelona
GloNet Conference, Guest Speaker, FutureEverything, Contact Theatre, Manchester
Future of Design Conference, Guest Speaker, FutureEverything, Contact Space 3, Manchester