City Visualizer Concept

Mitsui Fudosan


Scope of work
- Digital Installation

City Visualizer is an application prototype for a major real-estate company. It aims to show their property archive and construction progress of buildings located in different cities. I employ procedural modeling by generating a model of a city and its buildings based on data of OpenStreetMap with Houdini and Real-time game engine as the final implementation.

It will be installed multiple locations in the entrance floor of their headquarter building: Single 165” led display at the main reception hall and four 70” LCD displays at the elevator hall.

Images of the reception hall display.

Images of the elevator hall multiple displays: Each display shows different location in its geographic time.

Automatic camera movement generates scene sequences infinitely.

At the reception hall, user is able to switch the city by using the touch panel user interface.

Visualizations of car traffic and construction progress of their properties.

The scene ambience is changed every moment depending on the geographic time of the location where being shown.

Alternative plan

Team Member

Yasuo Kaneda

Takashi Aoki
Concept, Prototyping, CGI