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Scope of work
- Motion Graphics
- Generative Design

&Form is celebrating its 10th anniversary, and have newly established FormLAB, a design lab that creates fresh visual communication by interweaving typographic design, creative coding, motion graphics, sound and architecture.

The concept of FormLAB is to explore the things we find truly exciting, to experiment widely, across mediums and spaces, and to challenge and improve ourselves while enjoying the process.

We plan to incorporate a healthy amount of experimentation into our process, and let the fresh ideas we develop through our explorations find their way into client work. Our emphasis is on building identities with a consistent concept from analog to digital, across surfaces and spaces, which can respond to changes in the environment, creating what we call “Dynamic Identity”.

Form #1: FormSWISS Exhibition

Form #1: Custom software for the dynamic identity system.

Form #1 Kobe KIITO: Motion Poster

bit Labs

Motion Graphics for a talk session presented by bit Labs, a team at Nomura Research Institute (NRI). This project was part of the overall branding project which &Form completed. The vision of bit Labs permeates the world, this is expressed through spherical forms which represent the drawing circles together with their clients.

A Man

Motion Title for a film, A Man.

Hoshino Architects - Wordplay

WOW New Year Card 2020

Designing two versions of the initial letter of each word; Happy New Year, a transitional process in which one letter links to the other was rendered by visual programming. Using different processes such as offset and silkscreen printing, and embossing, the skillful artisans manually put together the cards one by one. Non-contrived beauty was sought by combining processes involving designing, visual programming and printing.