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NEC Kyushu Branch welcomes visitors with a permanent video installation at the entrance in Tenjin Business Center in Hakata opened in 2021. Our team developed motion graphics and a real-time generative application for the installation.
We originally created motion graphics with the client’s motto “ONE NEC”, using different motifs inspired by the architectural facade, the unique light in the office lobby, traditional craft patterns of Fukuoka etc. The application generates thousands of video patterns mixing the motion graphics and movies chosen by the client on the 3×3 grids automatic split screen. It shows fresh video footage every 3 minutes.

Space Overview


“ONE NEC” Motion Typography

Motion Graphics 

Video footages

Layout Algorithm

Prototyping of the automatic split screen in Touch Designer

Study of Image cropping variation in Touch Designer


Custom software development in Electron.

Video sequences are generated from the original animation templates system. Each template module defines sequence of layouts, parameter randomness and etc.

The app generates approximately 3 minutes video sequences periodically. The company identity is displayed during it generates next sequence.

Final Outputs

Output example #1

Output example #2

Team member

Hideaki Watanabe

Sho Narita
Project Management


Arata Maruyama
Typographic Design

Takashi Aoki
Design Direction
Motion Design

Gerard Rallo
Software Development
Motion Design

Natsumi Hashimoto
Motion Design
Software Prototyping

Video Editing

Masahide Yoshida
Technical Direction

Yuki Chikada
Software Prototyping

Kohei Nakada
Software Prototyping 

Daisuke Fujiwara
Video Editing 

Eriko Nakamura
Design Support


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