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A series of real-time data visualization graphics for NHK. I am working on the development of interactive visuals for various broadcasting programs such as NHK Special documentary since 2014. 
By making real-time graphics that can be controlled by hand, it plays a role not only as the video material but also as the scenario making / data analysis tool for the program. We are involved in repeated discussions with directors and journalists from the planning stage of the project, and updating the prototype together.

Medical Big Data, C++/OpenGL Application, Built with OpenFrameworks.

Data visualization project for NHK special documentary Medical Big Data. It visualized one year chronological data of nurse calls in a hospital in Kumamoto (approximately 1 million calls total of 400+ beds) as a clock like diagram. We designed and developped a desktop application (OpenGL) for broadcasting and a simplified web application (built with d3.js) for the program’s website.

AI Hiroshi, Unity Application

NHK special documentary Let’s talk about Nippon with AI explores the possibilities in the challenges we are currently facing in Japan. The first show led tips from AI about the questionsl: “How can we secure a good retirement?” and “How can we improve parenting environment and child development?”. It was aired on TV in July 2017. We made an interactive real-time graphics which enabled moderators interact with in the show. It visualized tree structured data, which was exported from the AI program made by NHK, to analyzed relationships between various subjects.

Data driven crowd simulation, Unity Application

A real-time crowd simulation app that visualizes data from a wide variety of source collected by NHK. We planned the application concept and made some app prototypes, commissioned by NHK special documentary team. It creates various types of graphs with crowd simulation such as bubble / cluster charts, bar graphs and pie charts based on the content of data.

The aim of this project is to visualize the structure of data from the AI program built by NHK and use it as a part of their documentary and news programs. We designed and developed an original graphic engine to deal with the complex crowd formations and render the large amount of human models as real-time graphics.

AI Hiroshi PrototypeUnity Application

Earthquake Big Data, C++/OpenGL Application, Built with OpenFrameworks.

Real-time data visualization app which visualized POS data (approximately 100 millions samples in total) of all over Japan in March 2011, the month when the huge earthquake hits, to see changes in purchasing status before and after the disaster in interactive 3D view.

Team member


Yasuo Kaneda, Sho Narita

Software Engineers
Masahide Yoshida, Gerard Rallo, Yuki Chikada, Kohei Nakada


What I did

Direction, Design and Development

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