Space Shower TV Idents

Space Shower Network

Postmix Productions

Scope of work
- Visual Identity
- Motion Graphics

This is a series of TV idents for the Japanese music television channel, Space Shower TV released in 2021. The brief was to revitalize their motion idents to develop fresh and modern images to the viewers. I created short five films as director and animation designer in collaboration with Daisuke Fujiwara as graphic designer and music composer and Gerard Rallo as animation designer.

The concept is “KEHAI”, a Japanese word that means you can feel something by seeing your surroundings. In this film series, viewers can see someone was in the space or is in there, but nobody is actually seen. The animated logo of Space Shower TV “S” is featured in different motion, which makes contrast to its absence. “S” is rotating on the bar counter. “S” is rolling down the escalator in a shopping mall. “S” is shown as a lighting signboard in a corridor. “S” is spinning on the record. “S” is reflected on the water surface with the moon, tree leaves and a big “Yagura” stage with festive lanterns, which are typical motifs of Japanese festival.

The Bar

The Mall

The Snack

The Room

The Yagura


Team Member

Kazuya Honda (Space Shower Networks)

Daisuke Fujiwara
Co-Director, Sound and Graphic Designer

Takashi Aoki
Co-Director, 3D Artist

Gerard Rallo
CGI for #3