On media

Scope of work
- iOS Application

An iOS application for the creation of visual music compositions which inspired by visual music artists in mid twentieth century: Oskar Fischinger and Norman McLaren. It was released from WOW Inc. in collaboration with talented animation designers in the studio. The compositions can be shared online and accessed on the archive website.

Team Member

Hiroshi Takahashi

Mamoru Kano
Creative Director

Hiroshi Ouchi
Art Director

Takashi Aoki
Interaction Designer
Technical Director
Sound Engine Developer

Alexander Peverett

Yoshiki Miura
Software Developer

Animation Desginer

Hiroshi Ouchi, Kazunori Kojima, Takuma Nakazi, Shigeru Makino, Shingo Abe, Daihei Shibata

Sound Desginer

Tomohiro Nagasaki

Masahide Yoshida
Server Engineer for the website

Keisuke Yamamoto
Front-End Enginner for the website